Through this media message, we aim to inform you more of the social impact of Zakat as a means of guarantee to maintain family stability, due to its role in reviving principles of solidarity and mutual support between givers and beneficiaries. As such, Zakat helps the beneficiaries to fulfill their different and diversified needs, whether in livelihoods, educational, or healthcare fields, in addition to other obligations and challenges life may impose on low-income people and emergency conditions. ...
We also wish to inform you of the impact zakat makes in societies from economy prospect, as it can help people in-need to fulfill their obligations such as unpaid fees, debts, and costs. Therefore, Zakat can be a driving force for the economy on a wider level, as every dirham paid in Zakat will eventually reach the market. So my brothers and sisters, do not overlook this effect on recovery and supporting the local economy growth through the completing the full financial cycle and guarantying its continuous movement.
In addition, Zakat protects societies against crimes and deviant ideas, as criminals and those with deviant ideas may exploit the need and circumstances of the poor to spread crime and misleading ideas. Therefor, paying Zakat protects the poor from all of that.
We should also remember that Zakat pushes away ordeals and diseases, and especially during these circumstances, we all need to resort to Allah Almighty and pay Zakat, as Allah Almighty has promised us safety and security if we commit to Zakat, Allah Almighty said: (Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds and establish prayer and give zakāh will have their reward with their Lord, and there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve).